Since I discovered that my life is nothing without hashtag I wake up with hashtag, I eat hashtag and I dream about hashtag! Not finished! I listen hashtag music!!! Was it the same for you the first time someone told you that “you need a hashtag”???… It does sound like a terrific threat! Fabrizio Faraco (http://fabriziofaraco.it) is the responsible and the guilty and the thank god he exists!
Few days ago while having a fabulous lunch in a place downtown where you can hashtag”… Mamma mia! I felt I was naked without that hashtag!!!!! What is this??????
Don’t ask the name of the restaurant you over there! I will reveal the tip only if you leave me a comment!
Ok back to hashtag fantasy in C Major! So you guess, now I have a hashtag, I decided to create my very important hashtag with my blog’s name. It makes sense don’t you think so? I needed one but I had it already. Just I did not know!
The other point is that I still do not know how to use it! What to do with it! And how to eat it???? But I am a completely complete Woman… should I dare a #completewoman? Well you got it.
Now it is time to tell you why the blog’s name is – when life is better – but do not forget that from today it is #whenlifeisbetter. I did not tell anybody the real origins of the “brand”… actually I was not sure it could interest any public but now I have to create the links between all the guilty people involved.
The other guilty one in the story does not know…
If you ever travel to Tangalle in Sri Lanka you will meet 100% a guy with a visit card that I liked immediately… his job? FACILITATOR! This name of his job conquered me immediately because this was exactly what he was himself… a FACILITATOR. Whatever you wanted or needed or dreamed he could provide… Incredible. At that time my blog was just in my mind and in “work in progress”. I was traveling while some guys were preparing my blog design and choosing a host and I do not know what else you need to open a blog. They did all the job while I was enjoying the services of the smartest FACILITATOR of Sri Lanka, Mr Sriyanga Sanjeewa. I wanted a name like his for my blog… but thinking better it could not fit for my blog like this, that’s how I came to #whenlifeisbetter… I was not supposed to facilitate people’s lives but for sure I could in the next 50 years give more than few advices to improve some lives. That’s it!
Actually my life is better since I write in the blog and read your comments, so it is the perfect occasion to say thank you to all of you (very few yet) for the trust, to the FACILITATOR for the inspiration and of course to Fabrizio who definitely changed my life and the hashtag world because now I am in too!!! Thank you and welcome to #whenlifeisbetter!

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4 commenti su “#whenlifeisbetter

  1. super il said:

    Lets do Facilitator !!! The boss of Eatitaly Farinetti said recently that today crisis is only because people do not
    help each other and all are concerned only for their private survival !!

    • Cathie il said:

      So true. Mr. Farinetti should not only say it, he should repeat and repeat and repeat. People still do not know about helping each other…

  2. super il said:

    HEIIIIE !!! This is the new approach, when people put together their knoledge and share
    new ideas they call it a: Start-Up and many are successfull !!

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