Il ristorante che ama la pizza/The restaurant that loves pizza



Among Italian rituals, a must famous one is “let’s have a pizza” … all Italians in the world say “Let’s have a pizza”! Here around you MUST have a pizza with friends…
As a French contaminated person I belong to the group that says it but I would rather have pasta with friends… Very often it ends by eating other food than pizza…
I say the “let’s have a pizza” since two months now in a different way. When I utter the sentence it sounds like a threat. I tell everybody they can taste a Pizza they have never dreamed! You must know that Romans are all convinced to know where to eat the best pizza in town and it is very difficult to make them change the usual pizzeria, really difficult!Happily when I am sure that they will be surprised with special effects I insist and usually I win…
There is a restaurant in Rome that offers an Artistic Pizza. Or should I call it the Pizza of a Genius? Or maybe the Pizza of a Creative Man? Well there is one thing I am sure and it is that since the first time I tried it I knew that this Pizza was THE PIZZA of my life. I am talking about a culinary journey, by Edoardo Papa, the brillliant chef, it is about a true tasting. Ingredients are only seasonal and combinations are made to avoid that no ingredient can overwhelm another one.
A kind of combination almost mathematical of each ingredient to obtain a final optimized taste to touch the most intimate side of our senses … and I guess I should stop talking because you may be asking if I am crazy??? No! I understand that by telling it you must think that it is all exaggerated, well tellingit is not even close to the true! I am talking about Emotion and it is so difficult to pass it on.
Let me explain what does Pizza mean for the brilliant mind of the landlord.
Artisan Mortadella pizza with organic Hokkaido pumpkin , gorgonzola cheese and delicate “Don Carlo” cheese; sweetness and grit at the same time !
Pizza Sea Parmigiana with diced eggplant and bio datterini , squid fishing boat marinated in extra virgin olive oil Cetrone, lemon with handmade burrata of Putignano (Bari); light and ethereal, all flavors to be discovered!
Prawns with fresh thistles sauté , cauliflower Cardunculos and buffalo ricotta Barlow (the best Italian) wild fennel; the sea in one of its most successful expressions.
But you may think that all this description is too much culinary, so try the most traditional of the traditional pizzas: the Napoletana made with tomato sauce cooked for about 1 hour and a half, almost raw buffalo mozzarella and anchovies of Cetara of Battista Delfino… you can not understand the flavour of this Napoletana until you eat it. Then you will write to me and we will see if you are more clever when you describe what you felt during this unique experience.
Whoever has tried it is still talking about it… We have to talk about it. Everything is superlative. I have this article in my mind since the first experience, I had no blog at that time but I knew I had to find a way to share this.
I should add that the first time someone brought me here it was after one of the must-see concerts of the Auditorium and so, very late and even though the kitchen was already closed , we received a perfect welcome and a great willingness from Eduardo . In Rome, they send you away so often if they are closing. That evening the kitchen was already closed but two memorable pizzas were baked only for us.
And if that was not enough to intrigue you, let me tell you that you will have the chance to meet a big Moselle Wine Expert at this place. Don’t be afraid good beer is also available if you prefer!
Please don’t be shy let me know your opinion about it!
Have a great pizza!

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5 commenti su “Il ristorante che ama la pizza/The restaurant that loves pizza

  1. Stefano il said:

    Cara Cathie, ma i posti dove si mangia bene tra cornetti e pizzeria li conosci tutti tu? Spero per te che almeno ti paghino per la bella pubblicità che gli fai. Mi hai incuriosito mi piacerebbe se una sera ci andassimo tutti insieme.
    L’unica cosa che ti volevo dire e che nessuno al mondo sa che andare al ristorante, è pericoloso…
    Infatti una volta un cliente è morto perchè il pizzettaro gli ha dato na pizza in bocca…
    Però devi capire che il pizzettaro era molto stressato a causa della moglie Margherita e della figlia Capricciosa…

  2. fabmarc il said:

    Disvelaci però dov’è…..
    Epperò …. Epperò… La mia opinione sulle pizze gastronomizzate è che mi fanno pensare ad un bella sedicenne
    col trucco pesante . La pizza nasce come piatto semplice e povero. E così ha da morì! Però tutto va

    • Cathie il said:

      Cara Fabiana hai ragione su tutto, la pensavo come te! Ma poi ho assaggiato questa Pizza! Allora vista la tua perplessità quando la proviamo sta Pizza Artistica????

  3. Jean Michel il said:

    Après les croissants, encore une bonne chose pour ouvrir l’ appétit… et si on est fort en France pour les croissants, on n’est pas de taille pour les pizzas. Il n’y a qu’en Italie qu’on trouve cette qualité et diversité!

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